Hello traders,

I create trading systems and  indicators to help traders and investors to effectively analyze the market, plan a trade and ultimately execute it. All my scripts are based on the powerful Golden Mean Ratio (Fibonacci numbers).

  • I developed a set indicators to help inform and educate market decisions for traders and investors. My indicators provide valuable context and visualization support when performing market analysis and executing buy and sell decisions while you’re at war in volatile markets.
  • I collaborate with my Dutch friend h0dl2100k and together we run a small Discord community, focussed on trading with any of the trading systems or indicators available. The Discord also provides members with buy and sell signals for Prime +.
  • I generally configured the indicators like IchiEMA, DynaPIV-trend, AxLe and Golden Rails to use completely historical data (negating repaint), and I advise all alerts created with SignalFI indicators to be fired upon “close” of the current candle.
  • I’m not a financial expert, and all information presented on this site or our other media outlets are for educational purposes only.

Recently I was invited in The Birb Nest Podcast. The recording is on Youtube shared below.

Please feel free to ask any questions in Discord if you have any interest in buying one of my products. The shop now accepts both Paypal and cryptocurrency payments.

Kind regards,