AxLE Master in trend following

Trend-based analysis based on volatility, deviations bands, and price momentum!

The basis behind AxLe is to essentially give an oscillator view of the difference between key price deviations based on volatility and volume information. The oscillator provides candle coloring matching the scaled colors of the strength of the trend, while the oscillator itself provides key information such as signal line crossovers, baseline crossovers, and AxLe MACD statistics.

Example of a weekly BTC chart with AxLe enabled

Taken together, it provides an excellent view of the trend without using moving averages, and well as a way to spot momentum variance and price divergences.

  1. Follow the color trend
  2. User oscillator highs and lows to spot divergences with price highs and lows
  3. User PV line and signal line (circles) as indicators for trend change
  4. Use Top/Bottom oscillator horizontal bar color changes to indicate tops and bottoms or where momentum is becoming weak.
  5. User predefined alerts.


Below you’ll find some recent example of AxLe on Bitcoin and Ethereum on Daily and 4H charts.



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If you want some more information on the AxLE, please click the link below.

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  • Price/Volume ( PV ) volatility oscillator based on fractal deviation bands
  • PV signal line to denote PV trend
  • Top/Bottom oscillator horizontal bar color changes based on PV/Signal Line crossovers.
  • Bar coloring to match oscillator performance.
  • Alerts for PV critical levels.


  • Bull Signal X – PV Crossover Signal Line
  • Bear Signal X – PV Crossunder Signal Line
  • Bull Baseline X – PV Crossover Zero Line
  • Bear Baseline X – PV Crossunder Zero Line