DynaPIV-trend For low timeframe scalpers

Dynamic, volatility adjusted moving average based on Fibonacci ratios!

We’re pleased to introduce DynaPIV-Trend! This single script provides an array of valuable trend information that can help in short term scalping strategies, and helping define trend strength across support and resistance points.

Example of a DynaPIV-trend on 1h Ethereum chart


Below you’ll find some recent example of DynaPIV-trend on Bitcoin and Ethereum on the recommended timeframes.


The heart of DynaPIV is a dynamic, volatility adjusted moving average based on Fibonacci ratios. The script creates a visual representation of trend by creating pivots with the dynamic moving average, and has both short and long term support and resistance lines delineated by color and thickness.

In general, the script will color bars according to the trend. By default, our safe mode is enabled which will filter out potential false breakouts, as well identify channeling zones (where bars are white). Disabling Safe Mode will provide more opportunities for scalping, however increases the risk of trend invalidation.

By nature the trader is meant to follow the comprehensive visual presented by DynaPIV Trend, inclusive of horizontal and diagonal painted support and resistance lines.

NOTE: The script is useful for timeframes 5M to 2HR. However the recommended is 30M – 1HR. Using the script on higher timeframes will invalidate the dynamic nature of the DynaPIV volatility calculation and thus render the trend invalid.


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