h0dl2100k-trailer A Swiss Army Knife

A complete stop loss trailing system, combining multiple usefull indicators!

It’s my pleasure to bring a fully customized indicator based on @h0dl2100K’s HA candle trading system. Through concerted efforts to bring automated trading systems from some of the best technical traders around, SignalFI provides the following features that were approved by h0dl2100K.

Enabled: long and short trailing levels; 50/200EMA, MACD cross, Doji indicator, Ichimoku Baseline and Kumo


Below you’ll find some recent example of AxLe on Bitcoin and Ethereum on Daily and 4H charts.


This system is based on the popular HA candle system and using several key levels and indicators of price action that can help identify entry, exit, and trailing stop levels for trading any asset (crypto, stocks, etc). The system is built to be used with HA candles, and provides the following key abilities:

  1. HA Candle Doji Detector – HA candles are notorious for their ability to identify trend direction and changes in momentum. One of the easiest ways to identify these trend changes is when HA candles print “Doji candles” or candles that have long wicks on either side of the candle body. This signifies indecision in the market, and after a sustained up or down trend, usually marks a reversal in momentum. The Doji Detector will print label tags identifying potential bull or bear doji’s which can be used as entry and exit signals or for identifying confluence with other indicators.
  2. MTF Trail Lines – Using previous close levels for higher time frame candles is a cornerstone of trading fundamentals. Levels from the daily timeframe are respected on lower timeframes and can provide key levels to watch for entry or exit conditions to be “just right.” The Trail lines are enabled by default and provide static levels on the chart in accordance with the following timeframes (4H, 12H, 1D, 3D, 1W). Both HIGH and LOW values for each timeframe are provided on the chart for easy of determining trailing stop levels or Take Profit levels depending on your trading system and confluence with other indicators.
  3. EMA 50/200 – We’ve also included the notorious EMA trend lines that govern market sentiment from both short- and long-term investors (50 EMA , 200 EMA ). These lines change color based on the price being above or below these levels and the levels can be fine-tuned within the settings to your EMA levels of choice.
  4. MACD Crosses – We’ve also included signal tags where default MACD crosses occur to ensure that the trend direction is always presented on one graph. MACD crosses represent a significant sentiment score for trading all assets, and taken with the EMA trend, the HA candle trend, and the MTF Trail Levels can give a very consistent view of where price may be heading.
  5. Alerts – It wouldn’t be a system unless we provided alerts to use for ease of notification of the data coming out of the script. For that reason, we have built-in alerts for both the MACD crosses and the Doji Detector. In addition, each Trail level be selected and alerted on to receive updates of when these key levels are crossed above or crossed below.

The H0dl2100K system is the result of years of market analysis and is mean to be a tool for guiding trading decisions in unison with or independently of other indicators. It works remarkably well with IchiEMA, AO and RSI PRIME as they all provide confluence to trading decisions, especially when using HA candles.



Currently h0dl2100k is still on a cheap lifetime subscription in the SignalFI webshop.


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