TrendFI provides a composite trend analysis that is based on several trading strategies. Follow the color trend, for use on OHLC, HA, or Renko candles all the same. Provides 3 stage entry and exit signals.  

</> Ichimoku & Fibonacci based EMA Trend and Bands

</> 15 different Moving average types (Default EMA)

</> 3-stage alerting system (MACD, ICHI Trend, MA Cross)

</> Built-in MACD and customizable “5th Moving avg” (Default 200 EMA)

</> All settings customizable 

TradingView: TrendFI


Fibonacci Based Fan Projections based on alternate timeframes.

</> Identify Support & Resistance

</> Identify Price Channels

</> Momentum Trending Analysis

TradingView: VectorFI



Multidimensional RSI gives you insight into price momentum and trend crossovers via price statistics and rates of change.

</> Mutltiple-timeframe RSI 

</> difference statistics combined with RSI momentum

</> RSI Impulse strength histogram

TradingView: PowerFI



FutureFI uses the futures (Long and Short) contracts housed on Bitfinex to provide a gauge for the relative difference and strength of interest in buying or selling Bitfinex assets based on total contracts created. 

</> Mutltiple-timeframe RSI for futures contracts

</> difference statistics combined with RSI momentum

</> signals can be applied outside of bitfinex

TradingView: FutureFI




SpectrumFI uses 11 independent Fibonacci based moving averages and their associated momentum to create a unified trend signal. 

</> Fibonacci based trend discovery

</> difference statistics combined with RSI momentum

</> heatmap and Rsi indicators built into one tradingview INdicator

TradingView: SpectrumFI




CogniFI uses 8 independent Fibonacci based inputs to calculate a unified Center Of Gravity (COG) and RMA or RSI based moving average created by J. Welles Wilder.

</> Fibonacci based trend and momentum discovery

</> RSI based moving averages combined with center of Gravity (COG)

</> color based Trend smoothing for indicator signal

TradingView: CogniFI




ShotgunFI is just that, buckshot on the graph. As a method of counter-trading this script can be used to indicate when the most used indicators reach their default thresholds. It can also be used independently as a scalping trading strategy where subsequent signals confirm and trend of the price. 

</> 8 Indicators wrapped into one script

</> 15 different Moving average types

</> multiple alerts

TradingView: ShotgunFI