Prime +

3 Indicators One Trading System

AO Prime, IchiEMA, RSI Prime and Discord Signals

Prime + is a set of 3 indicators that I engineered to provide correlation between these, all based on very different math mechanics.

When the signals from the AO PrimeIchiEMA Prime and RSI Prime align, or provide context to each other, trade decisions become more clearly visible, reducing the headache and stress of being “unsure” about your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency positions. Prime+ will then fire bull or bear impulse signals you can take for your long or shorts, see image below.

Example of daily BTC chart with Prime+ Bull and Bear signals enabled enabled

AO Prime

AO Prime is a the Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator on steroids! It comes with the ability to add extended trendlines and a very powerful Histogram. This indicator is ideal for spotting bearish or bullish divergences and spot early reversals.

AO Prime on top, with AO signals on the chart. Highlighted the divs.

RSI Prime

Just as the AO Prime, it comes with the ability to add extended trendlines and adds OB levels on the oscillator. If that is not enough; it adds a dotted trendline and a background color flip when momentum has changed. This indicator is ideal for spotting bearish or bullish divergences and spot early reversals. This one is an absolute must for the RENKO trader.

RSI Prime on the bottom, automatic trend lines to spot divergences. RSI signals on the chart.

IchiEMA Prime

IchiEMA Prime is a brand new type of moving average that combines several attributes from several successful trading systems.

At it’s core, its provides a highly reactive Ichimoku Baseline as the centerline which is then wrapped in price bands based on ATR, standard deviations, and the golden ratio (1.618) and golden pocket (.618/6.5) ratios.

The script has been tuned for all timeframes, and creates more signals on lower timeframes, and the signals get more powerful as they are applied to higher timeframes.

IchiEMA, with bull and bear impulse signals on the chart, background coloring and pivots enabled.


Below you’ll find some recent example of Prime +. The first image shows you BTC chart including the AO Prime, IchiEMA Prime and RSI Prime indicators. AO Prime and RSI Prime are perfect to find divergences. If you only like to follow the signals, the blue Bull and red Bear signals are great entries for longs and shorts. The second image shows you all possible AO, RSI and ATR signals, including a trending background color.


We have backtested the bull and bear signals on the major cryptocurrencies and the results are great and will probably outperform your manualy trading.

A few stats based on results 1-1-2018 to 1-1-2020 for flipping positions long/short without leverage.

  • BTC 12H; 188%
  • BTC 1D; 125%
  • ETH 4H; 97%
  • ETH 12H; 303%
  • ETH 1D; 272%
  • BCH 4H; 324%
  • BCH 12H; 296%
  • BCH 1D; 286%

More statistics are available in our Discord.


Prime + will even scan these bull and bear signals for you and present them in our 4H, 12H and 1D Discord Channels.


Currently Prime+ is still on a cheap lifetime subscription in the SignalFI webshop.


Based on earlier sales, the majority of our members bought the Prime + bundle and therefore I decided that AO Prime, IchiEMA Prime and RSI Prime are no longer available as seperate indicators.


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