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What is it?

SignalFI’s Ω subscription is a one-stop access point for all strategies, scripts, and tools. Simply put, Ω is a group of individuals that would like access to any tools developed and released by SignalFI.

Members pay a monthly access fee to whatever published tools you desire. I build it and publish it, you request it, and you have it for as long as you maintain membership. Simple as that.

For every month you subscribe you keep 1 tool for life. Subscribe for 3 months, keep 3 tools. Simple.


SignalFI was started in early 2019 with the intent of developing market analysis through using math. The most direct execution of this goal was to build TradingView indicators with the goal of sharing never before scene analysis of candlestick data through using a holistic approach which includes several well-known, and some not so well-known trading principles for how markets “move” as a “wave”.

In 2011, SignalFI was introduced to Bitcoin through a background in cybersecurity. As an early adopter of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, his love for trading grew as he found new incentive for appropriately managing the relentless volatility associated with the newfound crypto market. This led to several early adaptations of market strategies that relied on indicators that were commonly used in the industry, and which galvanized the core of what SignalFI is today.

Having a background in cybersecurity, statistics, coding, and technology led SignalFI to question the means and mechanisms behind how popular indicators were built, what data they were looking at, and what math they were using to generate “Signals” that could be used as forewarning for when market “waves” were building, changing and/or collapsing.

Coming to grips with the apparent fact that analysis of the market, like various forms of math found in the real world is almost infinite, SignalFI was created to “find fidelity within the signal” that could be generated from analyzing the data. Hence the name “Signal-FI” or “Signal Fidelity”.

The fidelity of a signal, or the “accuracy” of a signal became the backdrop from which SignalFI the first round of TradingView indicators in 2018. The culmination of the execution of SignalFI the “community” led to the development of a website, Twitter presence, and Discord community that could be used to educate traders and analysts alike on the “perspective” that could be gleaned from looking at the data through the eyes of SignalFI by using indicators and strategies designed for TradingView that took in account “different”, “useful”, and/or “visually appealing” ways of viewing market data.

A Different Approach

The need for Ω … is a truthful admittance of limited time on SignalFI’s part. The intent was always to provide tools that help view the markets differently. While limited professional time is available to “maintain” one formal tool, SignalFI Ω is a way to provide “Raw” access to the latest development tools, where the community can support each other to find interesting ways to combine and use different tools to create new trading systems that have never existed before.

Since the inception of SignalFI, traders have been able to purchase individual scripts (AxLe, 0x Index, DynaPIV Trend), or packaged systems (Prime), to help analyze markets. These products were made available after rigorous testing that provided SignalFI the assurance that the tools were valuable to the situational bias of any trader that was using the tools to make market decisions.

The reality is that SignalFI has created hundreds of different tools that have not been released formally to the public. These have been (at times) presented on Twitter with the intent of generating knowledge about potential ways market data can be viewed given the right perspective and code.

With the launch of Ω, members will be able to gain access to a wide variety of these “treasures” that have been locked up by SignalFI. The goal of our Ω community is to give members the full range of tools that are (or will be) developed by SignalFI so that they can leverage the perspective, code, and signals to make better market decisions, as well as, provide critical feedback to SignalFI in order to hone the tools so that they can be better, and/or useful for a larger audience.

What You Get

Upon subscription, you can choose any number of tools that are currently published by SignalFI. By the end of 2020, there will be over 40 available for use.


SignalFI will be releasing a periodic newsletter via Substacked in the coming months. The newsletter will focus on key world and market trends seeking to provide something different in the world of crypto newsletters. Ω subscribers will receive the paid newsletter for free.

Private Streams

SignalFI will start delivering online media content to several video and streaming services. Ω subscribers will receive 1v1 time with SignalFI each week to go over systems and ask questions about tools within the Ω arsenal.

Wrapping up…

Ω is a library of tools that will be constantly updated, where members will receive access to every tool that SignalFI has created or will create that passes initial viability testing. The goal is to provide the community to receive a range of added benefits beyond access to SignalFI’s private arsenal of tools.

I hope that you’ll join my journey toward finding alpha, using math in ways that have never been scene before, and benefiting from the perspective of the tools that we build.

Ω is the final stage of SignalFI. It’s the research arm, it’s the armament factory, it’s the weapons depot that will arm the next generation of traders on their quest to understanding the flow of the market. There will be nothing like it. A place to be inside the mind of a professional quant, to help refine tools that help benefit retail traders, and an armory for your sense of the market. — SignalFI