Omega Access


SignalFI OMEGA is a private group of dedicated enthusiasts within the SignalFI community who seek access to the complete arsenal of indicators, strategies, and content built by SignalFI.


  • Access to Complete Library of Indicators, Systems, and Tools
  • Over 50 Completely Custom Indicators w/more than 200 in development 
  • Buy / Sell / Take Profit Alerts
  • Fully Customizable Indicator Dashboards
  • Fully Customizable Indicator Themes
  • Access to Beta / Test Development Indicators Found at @SignalFI_
  • Access to an Evolving GitBook Knowledge Center  
  • Private Access to Future Market Updates Via Twitch and YouTube
  • Access to Indicator Request Discord Channel


Sine Band

IchiEMA Prime


CogniFI Prime


DynaPiv 4FI

DynaPiv Trend (Scalper)


@TradingCyclist Trailer

MA-X Prime

Omega & Omega OSC

0x Index and Sine Pulse

Sine Prime

And many more...

Since the inception of SignalFI, traders have been able to purchase individual scripts (AxLe, 0x Index, DynaPIV Trend), or packaged systems (Prime), to help analyze markets. These products were made available after rigorous testing that provided SignalFI the assurance that the tools were valuable to the situational bias of any trader that was using the tools to make market decisions.

The reality is that SignalFI has created hundreds of different tools that have not been released formally to the public. These have been (at times) presented on Twitter with the intent of generating knowledge about potential ways market data can be viewed given the right perspective and code.

With the launch of Omega, members will be able to gain access to a wide variety of these "treasures" that have been locked up by SignalFI. The goal of our Omega community is to give members the full range of tools that are (or will be) developed by SignalFI so that they can leverage the perspective, code, and signals to make better market decisions, as well as, provide critical feedback to SignalFI in order to hone the tools so that they can be better, and/or useful for a larger audience.