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Who else wants to be make trading easy?

SignalFI was created to help traders and investors to effectively analyze the market based on the Golden Mean Ratio (Fibonacci numbers), plan a trade and ultimately execute it. To help inform and educate market decisions we developed a set of trading  indicators which are available on TradingView.

Our main goal is to help all kinds of traders with making better decisions when it comes to trading. Our community is mainly focussed on cryptocurrencies but our indicators can be used on all kind of markets. Are you ready for our incredible indicators?

Stop wasting money because of your wrong bias

SingalFI indicators are designed to let you make easier and better choices by providing you just enough information in a very visual way. We have a set of very awesome free indicators like VolumeFI which you could start using today without any costs after joining our free Discord community to get acces.

Our newest and amazing SignalFI PRIME product comes in two variations, PRIME and PRIME +, and is a package of 3 indicators which include a powerful RSI, a customized AO and an incredible IchiEMA built to be used within a system and performs amazing in combination with each other. Where PRIME + provides you with buy and sell signals in our Discord server. 

If this is not enough, we offer some more impressive indicators to make your BTC and ALTS trading easy. Discover DynaPIV if you are curious! All indicators in the PRIME package are also seperately available. So let us tell you more about PRIME.

SingnalFI PRIME tunes your overcomplicated trading strategy

The PRIME series consists of three very robust custom scripts, which combine the best together to give you the most confluence in your trading decisions. 

Today you’ll meet your new best friend! AO Prime is a modified version of the well respected Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator,  where the RSI PRIME is the famous RSI on steroids! They come with extended trendlines and a very mighty histogram. Now they are visually ideal for spotting bearish or bullish divergences and spot early reversals.  

IchiEMA at it’s core, provides you a highly reactive Ichimoku Baseline as the centerline which is then wrapped in price bands based on ATR, standard deviations, and the golden ratio (1.618) and golden pocket (.618/6.5) ratios. In a nutshell, PRIME makes your life easier. 

Trading made easy!

Besides our PRIME product, we do offer some other indicators that will color up your charts and make trading a bit more stressless. DynaPIV provides an array of valuable trend information that can help in short term scalping strategies, and helping define trend strength across support and resistance points.

VolumeFI is one of our very valuable free indicators and uses our proprietary DynaFIB EMA Moving average to create a unified volume trend that leverages Weiss Wave mechanics.  Adding this on your chart gives you notice of a reversal when opposite colored signals are presented on Volume Wave bars.

RSI PRIME is a mighty new modified RSI indicator, an absolute gem in this PRIME series and is also for sale individually. This indicator is ideal for spotting bearish or bullish divergences and spot early reversals.

Enough talk about the indicator, here’s my TradingView username, now add me!

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If you like to use our free indicators, please join our Discord first and continue shopping by adding the free scripts in your basket.

In our SignalFI Discord server you’re able to find valuable information about our free and paid indicators! For example best practices on how to use PRIME or DynaPIV in combination with our free VolumeFI indicator.

Now after you’ve signed up for our Discord, please take a good look at all indicators we have to offer. Nothing wrong with only taking our freebies! But there is some real value in Prime! Now, are you ready to get started?