SignalFI Trading Systems and Indicators

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Welcome to my SignalFI webshop,

Developing profitable trading systems and indicators is a huge passion of me which I’ve been doing for years. My goal with this project is to make trading easier. No matter if you are new to this or a veteran, or if trade Bitcoin, forex or stocks. 

Prime + Trading System

If you’re looking for a backtested profitable trading system, Prime + is the way to go and my most purchased product. It comes with 3 indicators; AO Prime, IchiEMA and RSI Prime, provides buy and sell signals and works perfect as an automated script.

Prime +, a trading system that comes with 3 indicators

DynaPIV-trend Scalping indicator

What’s in a name? DynaPIV-trend is great for degen-scalpers. It presents the trend on low time frames and helps you execute your scalps on the 5m – 2h timeframe.

DynaPIV-trend, for those who scalp the 30m – 1h timeframes

Axle Bias Checker

With Axle you’ll follow the trend. Being on the wrong side of the trade becomes much more difficult! A great indicator to check your bias.

Check your bias with AxLe, ultimate trend following system

There’s many more (free) scripts I developed for TradingView available. And also many more to come. Please take your time to discover what’s available!