SignalFI Trading Systems and Indicators

Hello traders,

Welcome to my SignalFI webshop!

I’ve a huge passion for math, therefore mainly all my trading systems and indicators are based on the Golden Mean Ratio (Fibonacci). My goal is to make trading easier. No matter if you trade Bitcoin, Forex or stocks.

The SignalFI indicators I created are here to help you to effectively analyze markets and come with visual support. In other words, plan a trade and ultimately execute it with help of the indicator.

Some examples of Prime, AxLe, DynaPIV and 0X-index

But there’s a bit more to this:

  • I create indicators that will help you while you’re at war in volatile markets, all scripts can be found in the shop
  • I’d like you to build your own trading system based on one or more SignalFI indicators or algo’s
  • I collaborate with my Dutch friend h0dl2100k and together we will inform and educate you to make great decisions while trading with our trading system PRIME, or by our standalone indicators, h0dl-HA-trailer, AxLe, 0X-index or DynaPIV-trend
  • I’d like to invite you to my free Discord community, focussed on providing leading visual approaches to both battle-tested indicators, as well as free bot signals based on our IchiEMA indicator

There’s a lot to choose from, but if you’re new here, I invite you to take a closer look at PRIME +, which is a great trading system to get started with!

Thanks for being here and considering using my products!


PS. I recently added the possibility to pay with Paypal next to cryptocurrencies.