Free Indicators


Trend follow system using the 20 SMA, 9 EMA, and 9 Linear Regression Curve (LRC). 

RSI Flow

Unique rendition of RSI with multi-length options as well as VWAP source selection. 

Stochastic RSI

SignalFI's take on the legendary Stochastic RSI oscillator. Dual overbought and oversold background highlighting as well as convergence/divergence histogram against Stochastic RSI signal line. 


Unique moving average trend system that also marks trend extremities.

WSB Diamond Hands Detector

Test your Diamond Hands and see if you've got what it takes. This system yells at you for selling the tops and praises you when you hold through the collapse.

OBV Zero

Novel and unique way to view OBV delta to identify volume trends. Mashed up with custom ATR bands, an independent signal line, and extremity background highlighting. 


PivotFI provides Multi-Timeframe pivot analysis using Fibonacci numbers. Great for automatically identifying support and resistance zones. 


VolumeFI provides a unique way of analyzing volume information in the form of a "wave" utilizing a variant of the Weiss Method.


CogniFI uses 8 independent Fibonacci based inputs to calculate a unified Center Of Gravity (COG) and RMA based moving average. Stay in the trend. 


Spectro BB is compiled with 5 different bollinger band lengths to show how price not only adheres to the main SMA trend of the BB, but also how price is crossing over/under BB price extremes for each length.


Multi-Timeframe TWAP married with Anchored Price Delta (High, Median and Low) V-WAPs.